With a large experience in business advisory, Costa Barros Advogados serves its clients in the following segments:

This area has a continuous growth, we have assisted and counseled dozens of real estate enterprises developed in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in the past 10 years, among residential, tourism and hospitality. Our main clients in real estate service are constructors and national/international mergers (Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, American, Dutch, French and Swedish), real estate firms, condominiums, industries and individuals seeking advisory services in real estate transfer, due diligence, establishment of condominiums, regularization before the Secretaria do Patrimônio da União (Department of Union Heritage), purchase and sale, exchange, lease, rent and lease agreements, as well as all court cases involving such issues.
Labour relations means a very special care for the companies ingeneral. Costa Barros Advogados sponsors today more than five thousand lawsuits, having clients as transport companies, retail trade, food industry, chemical industry, health insurance, oil/gas and energy companies, as well as builders and developers, and its high-quality services has owned a recognized expertise in this segment..
Our Office hasalways had a remarkable performance in the relationships between our clients and their customers. Nowadays, the office sponsors hundreds of lawsuits that involve consumer relations, the vast majority being in progress in special courts, plus several suits in common law arising from relationships of consumers and suppliers, credit refund and reviews or abrogation of contract already formalized, claims for failures in the products or services and legal defenses..
Since 2004, as the foreign investment increases in Brazil, COSTABARROS ADVOGADOS has created a specific sector in the office to help its foreign clients; we have given assistance for dozens of foreign companies, helping to obtain permanent visa for foreign partners, registry and regularizing of investments and foreign capital in the Central Bank of Brazil, capital remittance’s regularization, full advice about real estate and companies acquisitions – due diligences, besides others activities that need specifics knowledge in such companies. Moreover our team is able to speak Spanish, French and English..
This is one of the highlighted practices at the office, to companies from the health sector in lawsuits involving the healthcare, hospitals and clinics in themes arising from civil responsibilities related to medical activities (Proceedings before the Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar – ANS, lawsuits before the sanitary surveillance organs, lawsuits in general and public civil action before the Ministério Público Estadual), as well as to the doctors in administrative or judicial procedures and professional and ethical proceedings before the Conselho Regional de Medicina, Conselho Federal de Medicina. Beyond the legal defenses, we do preventive support to our clients to adapt them to the new health judicialization scenario, making the juridical security needed for their work, through the legal-medical risk management. . Our commitment is to defend the medical segment professionals and strive to achieve the results for our clients’ goal.
Since it was founded, Costa Barros Advogados provides advisory services in this area, including companies focused on exploration, drilling and production of oil (Upstream), transport, distribution and trading (Downstream), as well as service providers focused in areas that demand negotiation and drafting of contracts commonly used by oil companies and contractors, proceedings before INCRA to implementation of oil, gas and electric projects and negotiations with property owners, defenses to judicial and administrative proceedings involving environmental permits relating to IBAMA and IDEMA. Furthermore, our team assists alternative energy companies, with emphases in Wind and Solar energy, as well as in lawsuits involving such issue.
Beyond the others branches, yet at the companies counseling, the office assists its clients with all the experience in the franchising matters. Therefore, we provide legal consulting for the franchising system formation, offering circular review and drafting, contract and pre-contract of franchising; drafting assistance of legal instruments needed in the franchising operation, beyond that stand out the distribution contracts, franchising registration, among others. We also provide assistance to Associação dos Franqueadores do RN – AFRARN, that work on the development of the segment of franchising in Rio Grande do Norte, providing preventive counseling regarding the franchises, including rent, franchisor and franchisee relations and operational assistances issues, among others..
COSTA BARROS ADVOGADOS acts providing sports consultancy services for athletes about their contractual rights and obligations, we attend to judicial and administrative demands of the amounts due to the athletes, as payments, awards and others. We also give legal assistance to the athletes, including athlete’s image rights, agency, sponsorship, licensing and advertising.