Costa Barros Advogados law firm is known by seeking for the best and quickest legal solutions for its clients.
Since its creation at the OAB/RN, in 1998, COSTA BARROS ADVOGADOS works hard in Natal and Mossoró city, where it has a branch office, advising all over the States of Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Paraíba and Ceará.
The firm has gained great experience in providing good services to its clients that request for: mergers, civil buildings and real estate investments in general, telecommunication, multinational and food industry, clothing, chemical industry, healthcare companies, retail and wholesale trade, Oil and Gas energy, security and value transportation companies, among others, including individuals, always counseling in preventive and litigation advisement to such clients with demands involving labor lawsuits and labor litigation. Liability (Liability for medical care – clinics, hospitals and healthcare insurance), Corporate Law (solving partnership conflicts and creation of new partnership , including national and foreign firms that intend to take place in Rio Grande do Norte state); Consume Relations and Consumer Law, Foreign Investment (Advising on development of new business in Brazil), Advising for business associations (NGO, labor unity, associations and cooperatives), as well as General contracts in the above mentioned areas. We have more than 20 years of experience and many achievements for our clients in Tax Law, advising many national and foreign firms. Furthermore, Costa Barros laws firm works together with the biggest Law firms in the country, especially the ones placed in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo circle, to represent litigations in RN state.
“ On parle français”, “ We speak english” e “Hablamos español”.